Is Your Brand Sending The Right Message?

Your brand has to send a relevant message that conveys value and service to your customer. The marketplace is oversaturated with too many confusing offerings. Let your brand speak clearly about its benefits and innovation. Differentiate clearly to your target customer. Your brand has to communicate the intrinsic quality of your product or service and assure your customer they have made the right choice. Your brand should have distinctive imagery and language that encourages customers to identify with the brand and take action.

Creative Ideas Matter can help your brand speak for itself.

Does Your Brand Possess These Attributes?

VISION: A compelling vision by a passionate leader is the foundation and inspiration for the brand. Brands have to know who they are, what they represent and where they are going.  Vision is everything.

VALUES: Creating value is the goal of most brands. Building awareness, communicating uniqueness and quality. Since a brand is an intangible asset, the tangible brand expression from packaging  to website uphold the brand’s value.

MISSION: It is how the work gets done. First you have to know “why” you are in business and “what” you hope to accomplish before you can have a believable company mission. The brand mission provides strategic steps to move forward, ways to create customers and customer value and  outlines action steps to propel the company forward.

TARGET MARKET: It is focusing your marketing dollars and brand message on the group of consumers  who are most likely to buy from you. Identifying this market is the most effective way of growing your business rather than trying to appeal to anyone who would be interested in your services.

FOCUS: It is formulating your brand strategy to target the customer that is most likely to buy from you. Focus helps you decide whether to be better, different or cheaper. No one brand can do it all. Giving the consumer too many choices, confuses them. The narrower the focus, the stronger the brand.

POSITIONING: Positioning evolves to create openings in a market that is continually changing. It helps the brand find new ways to appeal to its customer and defines how the brand is different from its competitors. Positioning expresses your brand’s value proposition. It breaks through crowded  markets to create new opportunities.

C  L  I  E  N  T    T  A  L  K

“I’ve had the good fortune to work with Dyan. She is responsive, creative, and deeply understands the medical device promotional market. I recommend Dyan’s service to anyone looking for help with branding / marketing, and especially to my colleagues in the medical device market.”

Brian J. Seitz, J.D, .VP of Regulatory Affairs and Operations – Cryothermic Systems, Inc.

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